Employees are the foundation of any successful business. Forte can help you find the right people and make sure they are cared for and supported.

You care about your employees, and so do we. Forte teaches you the foundations of HR so that you can successfully recruit employees, create benefits programs, and implement company policies.

Focus Areas

HR Healthcheck

Many small businesses don’t have the resources to have their own HR team, leading to gaps in their HR policies and procedures. These gaps often lead to costly employee turnover and regulatory non-compliance and open business owners to the risk of litigation. Forte’s HR Healthcheck will identify those HR gaps and provide you with recommendations for ensuring your employees are happy and regulatory requirements are met.

Hiring & Onboarding

Finding the right people to add to your team is important—and sometimes hard. The Forte team can help with everything from posting job openings to interviewing candidates. Once you’ve found the right candidates, we can onboard new hires and assist managers with performance management.

Company Policies & Benefits

Company policies impact the way your employees work. Clearly defined expectations and employee benefits lead to increased productivity and lower turnover. Let Forte help you develop policies that work for you and for your employees and benefits packages that are competitive.

Employee Relations & Policies

Training employees can be hard, but with Forte it doesn’t have to be. We make it easy and simple to implement training and employee policies. Your employees will feel confident that they can tackle their job with Forte’s strong team behind them.