Facing Too Many Opportunities With Not Enough Team

Small business owners are often natural entrepreneurs, driven by the thrill of solving challenges and seizing opportunities. But what happens when there are too many opportunities and not enough resources to capitalize on them? This dilemma is a familiar one for many business owners, including Forte Business Services’ Principal, Bill Ganus.

Bill shares, “That entrepreneurial personality never only sees one problem. Sometimes you see lots of different opportunities, even within the business that you’re already building.” This entrepreneurial spirit drives individuals to constantly seek new avenues for growth and innovation.

However, the reality is that businesses, especially small ones, often face limitations in terms of time, capital, and manpower. “Until you have an excess of one of those capacities, you are limited in the scope of what all you can go after at any given time,” explains Bill. This constraint can be frustrating for business owners who want to pursue every opportunity that comes their way. 

So, what can business owners do when faced with a promising opportunity but limited resources? According to Bill, it comes down to making tough decisions and prioritizing effectively.

“There’s always going to be another idea. There’s always going to be a new deal. There’s always going to be a new opportunity,” says Bill. He emphasizes the importance of being selective and recognizing that not every opportunity needs to be pursued immediately. Sometimes, saying no is the best course of action. “I always feel more proud of myself by saying no to something than by figuring out how to push something forward,” shares Bill. This mindset allows business owners to protect their existing commitments and focus on what truly matters.

However, there are instances where saying yes is warranted, even if it requires sacrifices. “If you’re willing to pay the price and go for it, sometimes you’re going to be right and sometimes you’re going to be wrong,” acknowledges Bill. In these situations, thorough analysis, consultation with mentors, and a willingness to take calculated risks are crucial. 

At Forte Business Services, we understand the challenges that small business owners face when navigating multiple opportunities with limited resources. That’s why we offer support and guidance to help business owners make informed decisions and maximize their potential for success.

Whether it’s providing strategic advice, financial planning, or operational support, Forte is here to help small business owners overcome obstacles and thrive in a competitive market. Because when businesses succeed, communities flourish.